Site Conditions

To make your stay as pleasant as possible,
here you receive some information how to use the
motorhome parking spaces.

Upon your arrival we ask you to fill out the “parking permit form”
and to place the original clearly visible behind the windshield of your vehicle.
Put the copy as well as the parking fee in the plastic envelopes
and place it in the designated postbox.

For fresh water supply and wastewater disposal, connections are available
at the building on the site entrance.

For the supply with electricity, withdrawal stations have been installed.
Please be aware that the usage of power (6A) is not sufficient for heating
purposes or air conditioning. For a 3€ surcharge you may receive a power
connection suited for 16A. Just call us under the phone number below if needed.

For your waste we have set up different containers where the garbage, separated
and according to its type, can be disposed.

Please understand that we cannot allow the putting up of clotheslines on the
parking spaces.

Not permitted are passenger cars or campers without a toilet and wastewater tank.

Should we notice that the parking fee has not been paid we will clamp your vehicle.
The vehicle owner will bear the cost for removing the wheel clamp.

For your security the site is under video surveillance!

Parking fee per day: 12€ incl. disposal/water/electricity
Only disposal/water: 2€

Unfortunately we cannot take reservations.

If you have any ideas for improvement, feel free to let us know -
in the brochure display you can find designated forms.

We wish you a pleasant stay.